Shit I Don’t Need This Holiday Season

In an effort to educate her audience about virulent consumerism, YouTuber and drag queen Kimberly Clark launched a series of Anti-Haul videos, listing all the items she did not want to buy and why.
The series started a phenomenon on YouTube. Her videos helped me rethink my purchasing habits. Because I watched her videos, I examined my positions and started to become more mindful of the products I purchased.
With Black Friday and Cyber Monday upon us, I find myself thinking about how much money I spent during previous holiday seasons. Thanks to Kimberly Clark, I’ve started to think more critically about the holiday promotions I receive through push notifications and email.
In homage to Kimberly Clark, I’ve compiled a list of items– cosmetics, clothes, tech, and everything in between– I do not intend to purchase this holiday sale season.

KKW Contour/Highlight Kits

Kim Kardashian is that person everybody hates but I–not so secretly– adore. This is a woman who turned something absolutely humiliating into a brand. She’s fucking brilliant.
I do, however, have a bone to pick with her regarding her makeup collection. I watched reviews on YouTube and I didn’t feel particularly impressed.
A lot of people were breaking the contour sticks and there wasn’t a lot of product in the sticks.In her review and cost breakdown, Stephanie Nicole explained the cream contour sticks have 3.6 grams worth of product. The powder contour palettes have 30 grams of product total, (7.5 grams each).
Even with the markdown, I don’t feel that is enough product to justify spending the same as I would for a contour palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills at its full price. I’m also reluctant to spend this much money on a brand I haven’t heard enough positive things about and that I’m unable to physically test out myself before dropping $83.

Anything from Forever 21

At 9:45 EST, Forever 21, I received a promotional email letting me know I could buy items up to 80 percent off. At first, this sounds exciting. But the keyword to remember is “Up To.” If you scroll to the bottom of the email, I found a rather typical disclaimer: “Up to 80% off Offer valid on select items online at from November 23, 2017 12:00 am PST through November 26, 2017 11:59 pm PST. Price as marked, exclusions may apply.” This, of course, means I can only get discounts on items Forever 21 selected themselves. Items I probably didn’t care about last week, but for some reason, feel inclined to buy them now because they’re slightly cheaper.

In my experience shopping at Forever 21, they’re the items in my closet that wear out the quickest, and the items I get sick of the fastest.

These Old Navy Socks

When I buy socks, I normally buy them in bulk from either H&M or Target. For a pack of six or seven pairs, these run me anywhere from 6.99 to 11.99. Old Navy has created a problem for me that didn’t exist: festive and kind of ugly fuzzy socks for one dollar that will only be available on Black Friday.

At first, sure. I probably spend more money on seven socks than I will on just the one pair at Target. However, these socks feel like either a gimmick or a stocking stuffer. Maybe even both. The thing I run out and buy because I’m feeling festive now that the holiday season has officially begun.

Whoever owns these– whether it’s me or someone else– will never use once it’s in their possession.

Any fitness tracker.

Since I graduated college, I must have owned more than five fitness trackers. Three of them have gone missing,  and two of them ended up damaged.

I even owned the Misfit at one point. Part of me enjoyed it. Their app was fun and interactive and I got a lot of compliments on it when people noticed it.

The reason I will not be purchasing a Misfit, could be its own blog entry. Fitness wearables do not help you lose weight. When I stopped wearing my Misfit, I actually ended up slimmer than I did while I was using it, counting my calories, and showing up at the gym regularly.

The Misfit, next to the Bellabeat, is probably the most gorgeous fitness tracker out there. Fitness trackers have encouraged people to get out the couch to punch up their steps. But evidence reveals it isn’t helping us lose weight.

For that reason alone, I can’t justify buying something that doesn’t serve the purpose it’s supposed to.
Cuisinart Advantage 12-Pc. Knife Set

I don’t own a whole lot of cutting knives, and since moving out of my parents’ house when I was 17, I never did. Like my socks, I bought the set of 4 at the kitchen section at Target. I likely spent less than $20. Once again, a brand created a non-existent problem for me.

Once $50, JCPenney is selling Cuisinart Advantage 12 Pc Colored Knives for $19. Two years ago, I might have bought these. Hey, they’re kinda ugly but they’re $19 now! My biggest issue with these knives is that they look like they’ve always been $19. To spend that much of knives, when they should be even cheaper, doesn’t feel like so much of a deal. I can just wait until I find a not-so-colorful set when I move out of my current apartment.

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